We Help Businesses Reduce Costs and Increase Profit When They Need it Most

We Help Businesses Reduce Costs and Increase Profit When They Need it Most

We Help Businesses Reduce Costs and Increase Profit Margins When They Need It Most

On the 23rd of March, when National lockdown was announced in the UK, the world as we know it changed for good. Businesses closed their doors, staff started to work from home and unfortunately, in the months since, many more staff were put on furlough, made redundant and some businesses haven’t reopened.

It’s been a scary and difficult time – one that’s put extreme pressure on small and large business owners alike. Our clients are no different and we’ve been beside them every step of the way. Helping them strategise and innovate, shift their business model not just to stay alive, but to thrive.

In the last six months, here’s how we’ve helped our clients the most:

1. We helped them save money without making redundancies. We did this by offering a Business Consultancy service, which allows us to take a holistic view of business and identify opportunities to consolidate and cut external costs: from reducing the number of third parties / agencies on the books, to auditing outgoing digital media costs and shaving excess spend. For one client, we turned their website into an e-commerce selling machine, generating a 43% increase in sales during three months of lock down. Opportunities to save money presented themselves across offline and online channels – we simply highlighted and managed changes quickly and effectively.

2. We provided an alternative way to achieve incredible results. We did this by developing a new and improved model for businesses who don’t have in-house digital marketing resource. Rather than hiring a traditional agency with high rates, we use the Bubbly network (comprised of ex-agency talent) to provide expert resource without any overheads. Our clients benefit from access to unbeatable expertise, generating tangible results at reduced costs.

3. We’ve gotten even closer. We decided at the very start of lockdown that instead of moving away from any clients who might need to reduce their service levels, we would get closer to them. We were there when they needed us most – providing insight, strategic direction, hands-on account management and business consulting. Our clients know we’re only a phone call (or WhatsApp message) away.

The results of our efforts speak for themselves, as new clients continue to knock at our door. They’ve heard from friends, colleagues and other owners how much of an impact we’ve had on their business. It’s with great honour that we continue to work with businesses of all sizes, bringing them the Bubbly service they’ve come to know and love.

If you would like more information on how Bubbly Consulting can help grow your business and increase sales get in touch for a free consultation.

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