Case Study: E-commerce Sales Increase by 43% in Three Months

Case Study: E-commerce Sales Increase by 43% in Three Months

Audio Retailer Glasgow

E-commerce case study provides insight into how Bubbly Consulting increased sales by 43% after taking over e-commerce website and implementing digital strategy

Brick and mortar retailer of premium HiFi and home audio equipment based in Glasgow, asked Bubbly to develop a new, non-e-commerce, customer-service website to drive footfall into their store.

They had an existing e-commerce website that performed very poorly and drained significant budget into acquiring digital traffic, which hardly converted into sales. Their products being premium meant higher price points and therefore longer customer journey from acquisition to conversion online. In store; however, their customer service was so incredibly personal and reliable that they were able to successfully convert nearly everyone who walked through their door.

Bubbly approached the new website project from an analytical perspective: analyzing the monetary investment committed to the current website versus the products purchased. Analysis concluded that creating a new, service focused website with the purpose of driving customers in store would provide a much greater return investment than maintaining and optimizing the current e-commerce site.

Our strategy was defined, and next steps agreed….

Then the COVID-19 lockdown hit and closed the retailer’s premises – shattering any footfall-based strategy.

Luckily, our Bubbly consultants are incredibly agile and able to adjust strategy based on all kinds of circumstances, including economic.

We quickly developed a new approach that focused solely on one thing: helping this retail business survive during unprecedented and unpredictable time. And that’s exactly what we did.

Bubbly successfully took over management of the retainer’s existing e-commerce website and miraculously increased sales by 43% in three months. Here’s how.

The Challenge: Provide the bricks and mortar retailer with the tools they need to continue trading online during COVID-19 lockdown.

The Strategy: Cut costs whilst increasing digital turnover.

We analysed digital costs across the board from website hosting to maintenance, organic search optimisation and paid advertising. We identified opportunities to consolidate and trim the fat – crucially changing tact from expensive paid traffic acquisition to affordable (and powerful) organic search optimisation.

We worked with the retailer’s in-house team to very quickly optimise every product listing throughout the entire site and providing customers with virtual opportunities to engage with the brand. From online consultations and virtual listening parties, to personal chat via the website and social media channels.

The result: Sales through the retailer’s e-commerce website grew by 43% in three months, with increased profit margins across the product portfolio.

Website traffic was acquired through organic channels only and grew by 68% during lockdown.

The retailer weathered the COVID-19 lockdown and has once again opened its showroom doors.

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